NMQ to MRMS Update - Week of July 29,2013

The products that have powered this webpage will undergo a major update the week of July 29, 2013. Many of the differences will not be dramatic to the user but are significant to the webpage code. The highest time resolution products are moving from 2.5 minute frequency to 2 minute frequency, the way the ConUS is internally divided into map tiles will change, the product naming/directory structure will be re-organized, and the data in the grids will refer the NW corner of the cell rather than the cell center. Basically, the internal changes are such that there will be no web tools that seemlessly view both pre-update and post-update data. A number of old web pages will become viewers for just an archive 'frozen in time' and new tools will take their place. A more detailed graphic of these changes is shown in the large figure below.

The page that has traditionally been at this URL has moved to:
That page will continue to exist for the foreseeable future, but again, it will NOT show any new data after the upgrade occurs.

This project is a significant undertaking and though the new generation of web tools doesn't contain all the functionality ultimately envisioned, it already has many improvements over the older system. Some online help resources to explain the new system will be available. One unavoidable side-effect of this progress is that some browser support will be abandoned. The new suite of web applications use the recent html5/canvas standards. An up-to-date version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or IE9 all work fine. IE8 or earlier will not work. Tools that used to exist will be missing for a period, but the level of usage of some of these is unknown to us. During this transitional period we welcome input, suggestions, comments, or concerns. Please send feedback to brian.kaney@noaa.gov.